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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I'd tend to think that the writers agreed with you. The show itself explained away a lot of its' own supernatural trappings, though. From the beginning the Prophets were just non-linear aliens with weird tech living in a wormhole, and I don't think they ever did anything that we hadn't seen accomplished with normal technology by other aliens in other shows.
Well, apart from wiping out the whole Dominion fleet when they entered the wormhole, but considering that was squarely their domain...I guess that's the reason I'm more tolerant towards the idea than he was, because while the Bajorans do treat them as actual gods, they're pretty much still in the same category as all the other non-corporeal lifeforms we'd seen in the past, like the Organians for example.

Plus I liked the whole juxtaposition between them, the closest thing to an actual god-like creature, to the Founders who simply bought into their own propaganda and thought they were gods.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
Well, it's not as if super telekinetic mind powers aren't an established part of Trek going back to the second pilot.
True, but the trouble with that particular story (The Storyteller, not Where No Man Has Gone Before) is that they never bother to actually explain what the hell that cloud thing was, or how exactly the positive emotions of the villagers drive it away. It's just a plot device for getting O'Brien into trouble, and not a very good one at that. WNMHGB at least made an attempt at trying to make the whole thing look scientific.

I could understand it was some kind of an attempt to bond O'Brien and Bashir, but if it was, it still leaves something to be desired. There's that later story with both of them trapped inside a room with a bomb or some kind of a bioweapon set to go off that was much better.
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