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The same general thing happens a few times in the series if memory serves, although they usually find a way to fix things anyway.

In a real-world sense I don't disagree with the "not our problem, warp nine to the next system!" policy towards crises like this. The Federation's mandate is to take care of Federation citizens, not spend their resources fixing problems outside of their borders. Non-interference is the only practical way of dealing with things, because if you help one species you're going to have fifty more banging down your door, and if you don't/can't help them then suddenly you're making yourself new enemies.

It's trying to wrap it up as a moral choice that gets my hackles up. The Prime Directive is usually a good rule, but the almost religious fervour that Picard defends it with is a bit unsettling. There's no valid argument where letting millions of innocents die is morally right, only scenarios where letting it happen is better for Federation interests. The other captains never seemed to have that same devotion to it, thankfully, so it's mostly a "Picard" issue and not a sign of the entire Federation being brainwashed.
IIRC in that episode Dr. Crusher explains that she realizes that are a million little problems moving that clan to a new planet. Ranging from them finding food to disease to climate to dangerous lifeforms to other intelligent inhabitants. Is that basically the crew are being forced to play God with this clan.

Kirk and company had to deal with it. In Bread and Circus Scotty has to get Kirk, Spock, and McCoy has to get them out an Earth like planet where the Roman Empire never fell and because of the Prime Directive he can't use any of their technology to do it.

Both Sisko and Janeway also had to deal with it.

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