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True, but the trouble with that particular story (The Storyteller, not Where No Man Has Gone Before) is that they never bother to actually explain what the hell that cloud thing was, or how exactly the positive emotions of the villagers drive it away. It's just a plot device for getting O'Brien into trouble, and not a very good one at that. WNMHGB at least made an attempt at trying to make the whole thing look scientific.
They explained it. The Dal'Rok (the cloud thing) was created by the storyteller using an Orb fragment, with the idea of creating unity among the villagers by pitting them against a common foe.

I could understand it was some kind of an attempt to bond O'Brien and Bashir, but if it was, it still leaves something to be desired. There's that later story with both of them trapped inside a room with a bomb or some kind of a bioweapon set to go off that was much better.
Pretty sure bonding was the intent of the episode. And yeah, the one where Bashir and O'Brien are helping that week's set of wacky haired aliens dispose of bioweapons was much better.
Plus it made Keiko look like an idiot at the end of the episode
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