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The IDW one-shot about Jellico is worth a look. He's still rather a dick, but much more competent than various other appearances and you can follow his logic.

Originally Posted by Warcry
I was actually really surprised to find out that they published a followup at all. Wasn't he on death's door a few years ago? I can't say that any more New Frontier will be high on my to-do list, though. There's already more Star Trek books than I have time to read (the only thing I've been able to keep up with lately has been Vanguard, which was amazing, and its follow-up, Seekers).
Yeah, almost didn't make it.

I got through a few books of Vanguard and gave up, TBH... even though I was reading it over an extended period, it seemed to be repeating itself quite a lot.

Of the new stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed DTI, don't mind a bit of Titan, quite enjoyed the Destiny arc putting a lid on a series of increasingly fanfic-ish Borg stories (such as Before Dishonor, which was PAD as well) and the Typhon Pact / DS9 / Voyager stuff hasn't thrown up anything of particular interest from what I've read and can remember. I like that there's some advancement, but would rather have had more of the Nan Bacco era politics than another fill-in entry around Andor going nuts or slipstream technology.
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