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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I don't think the word was any more polite twenty years ago than it is now, really (I'd put it on par with "coloured", insofar is it comes across as old-timey and dismissive but not explicitly racist). But then I'm looking at it from a Canadian perspective and I really have no idea if things are different in the US.

I suppose I can understand the latter, if they spoke to a lobby group that represents multiple tribes, but I think it makes it really hard for anyone who's actually met any Aboriginal folk to take the message at all seriously. I mean there's only about 200,000 Aboriginals in Manitoba and even that relatively small number is divided into at least five different groups with wildly different cultures and histories. Across the whole continent you'd be talking about dozens of different groups, if not hundreds. It's hard to get across the "we treated these folks poorly" message when you're simultaneously playing the "all them brown folk are the same" card.
Also, don't forget how it's Picard (the non-American in the group) who is made to feel guilty about the actions of his ancestors. And who needs North American history explained to him by Troi at one point.

Yeah, it's easy to forget how much of a looker Kirstie Alley was back in those days. She was also quite a good actress...I don't think the character or the film series ever truly recovered from replacing her.
Yeah, it's a shame the status quo is God thing came into effect. Curtis' Saavik was one of many Vulcans where the actor managed to confuse "Emotionless" with "Plank of wood" (mind, I saw her in a pre-Trek Knight Rider a few months ago and she almost made the Hoff look like an actor in it, so that may not have been a conscious choice).

Shame she didn't come back for VI as planned (or that they didn't just have Kim Catrall be Saavik 3, notably bringing Curtis back doesn't seem to have been on anyone's radar) so that twist might have been slightly less obvious.

Are there really that many? The Cardassians, Tzenkethi and Talarians are the only ones that come to mind off-hand. Or did they have a war with the Sheliac too before signing the insanely complex and technical treaty with them?
Sheliac as well IIRC. It may not seem a lot, but the entire aesthetic of TNG is clearly based on the Federation being in a long period of peace and stability (else dragging their families about and the general cruise ship in space feel really makes no sense), having all these bush fires doesn't really fit in with the feel of the show.

I would have cheered even harder for him if he'd done that. Pulaski was so much more fun than Crusher ever was. Though it also seems like she got as much to do in one season as Crusher did across six...[/quote]

Never got the Pulaski hate a lot of fandom has. Her arc with Data is a reaaaaaaally obvious one: That she'll initially dislike him and then come to respect and even love him. It's so clearly signposted all the "She's so mean to Data!" stuff seems silly. Especially as it's resolved early in the season, they clearly get on fine after Elementary, Dear Data (Fact: Geordi makes a better Watson with his strange James Mason impression than Martin Freeman).

Obviously he's bought into Picard's transparently silly "Starfleet isn't a military" propaganda and developed a strong aversion to doing anything to actually defend the Federation. The Enterprise is their toy to use for explorationy fun, dammit!
And also for him to bang chicks who wind up nearly taking over the Federation.

Jellico would probably have made him get into better shape as well. It's easy to joke about the weight gain, but Riker actually seems quite unhealthy in the later seasons. The odd walk gets odder and there's a bit in Silicon Avatar where he's clearly struggling to carry one of the colonists (more oddly Data also seems to be struggling when he has to take over, as if he's not really a super robot but a human actor with a bad back. Hmmm).

Though oddly he looks much slimmer in Generations when he switches to the DS9 uniform, despite it not fitting properly (being forced to wear Avery Brooks' costume despite Frakes being a giant. Poor old Levar Burton is having to wear O'Brien's as well. Guess who were the only two actors to get specially made versions of the jumpsuits for the film?).
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