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OK, be amazed at my totally unpredictable favourite episodes!

TOS: City on the Edge of Forever. Insanely packed with plot, lots of great moments and a performance from Shatner that reminds you he actually is a proper actor.

TNG: Yesterday's Enterprise. Probably the best "Dark alternate timeline" story ever done, mainly because it's not about eye-patches and leather costumes but the actual impact on the regulars (Jonathan Frakes in particular is very good as a more argumentative and less trusting in his captain Riker). Plus lots of good world building, some great action and an episode that's a better movie than half the movies.

DS9: It'd probably be unfair to say Trials as that's not a "Proper" DS9 episode really is it?

Probably... A Call to Arms. Second best ever Trek end of season cliffhanger, lots of tension, great lines and a building sense of doom. Love the music as the Dominion board the station as well.

Films: Khan. Nuff said.

Animated: Yesteryear.

And that's my favourite episode from every iteration of Trek ever.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
From TNG, there are so many episodes that I love, but paridoxically it's an easy choice. As much as I love episodes like Yesterday's Enterprise, The Best of Both Worlds, Family, The Wounded, Darmok, Chain of Command, Face of the Enemy, The Pegasus, Lower Decks, etc., I don't think any of them quite stand up to The Measure Of A Man. On top of all the philosophical questions about "personhood" that it grapples with (which are super-important in and of themselves), the episode also manages to be the first really good vehicle for Picard the man (as opposed to Picard the steely captain). When I rewatch the series this is always the episode where my opinion of Picard switches from "one dimensional pompous stiff" to "fatherly leader", as I watch him get angrier and angrier over a bigot who's trying to essentially vivisect a member of his family. His reunion with Louvois also helps quite a bit with making him feel like a real person.
It being written by a lawyer helps as well, I'm sure it likely doesn't stand up to genuine scrutiny (it ignores the obvious defence for Data--that Star Fleet accepted his sentience when they let him into the academy. Unless they're in the habit of giving positions to rocks. This was of course before Harry Kim would have signed up--for the drama) but it's clearly had a lot more thought put into than just about any other Trek court case. I especially love that there's an explanation for what is such an important case being handled in such a small way with Data's mates as defence and prosecution.

Compare that to, say, A Matter of Perspective. Where Picard is not only Riker's defendant but also the man who gets to decide if he's extradited or not and it end with them not actually proving Riker didn't commit the murder, just presenting an alternate theory of what happened (which wouldn't be enough under an "Guilty till proven innocent" system).

Plus it's genuinely creepy that, thanks to ever helpful Troi, we know the wife genuinely thinks Riker tried to rape her. Lucky for Billy boy that got swept under the carpet.

Maybe by "the Picard who fought at Trafalgar" he meant that one of his uncles got into a fistfight there on vacation?
based on how well Picard does in fist fights (he had to get an old fat Kirk to help him punch an even older man) the Uncle probably lost as well.

I'm amazed they went to the trouble of making them up for all these one-shot guest ships, though. Nobody would have noticed if they hadn't bothered.
That's the Okuda's for you. Crazy obsessed with detail.

That admiral was full of it, just based on the TV show. Based on background info, even moreso. After all, Robert April commanded the Enterprise before Pike, and she was apparently first commissioned two decades before the TV show. So she was closer to 40 by the time Search for Spock came along.
Of course April is canon, he was in the Animated series wasn't he?

As far as what happened to them goes...well, I think it made it into dialogue in the original series that they was only a dozen of them in service, like the background info says. And they lost Constellation, Defiant and Intrepid during the run of the series, as well as potentially Excalibur and Hood as well (depending on how severe the damage from the M5 fiasco was). Even if they built a few more (you'd have to imagine they did, since Enterprise-A was a thing), it seems like the attrition rate for the class was pretty high.
The Galaxy Class seems similarly accident prone, Star Fleet lost at least three in eight years (and the Enterprise was the only one to manage a saucer separation. So much for that "Keep the civilians safe" feature. I hope the Odyssey at least left the kids back on DS9...), plus at least a couple during the war.

It reminds me of a great bit in the insane Shatner Novel The Return (you know, the one where Kirk can beat Data and Worf in one on one combat, use a holodeck better than Picard and kills all the Borg at the end by himself) where the Romulan villains are talking about what might have happened to Picard after the Enterprise's destruction and one snarks "Star Fleet probably apologies for giving him a substandard ship".

Which is basically what did happen really. "Here, have a new one!".

I think the new Defiant's registry number was supposed to be different, only they reused a bunch of CGI shots with the old ship's numbers and made things really confusing.
Yeah, apparently they wanted a whole new ship (well, exterior anyway, I assume the bridge would have been a redress) but the need to reuse stock shots made for some serious scaling back of ideas.

Can't disagree about the Enterprise's registry, either. By that logic the Hood, Excalibur, Defiant, Yorktown, Lexington, Farragut, Intrepid, etc. should all have had their TOS-era registry plus a letter. I mean, heck, by that logic the TOS Enterprise should have been "NX-01-A"...
Ah, but Archer's Enterprise was an Earth Star Fleet ship, not a Federation Star Fleet ship, so it's not part of the same service and thus not included in the registry thing.

Seriously, that's the reason people trot out for the NX-01 never, ever being mentioned in any of the subsequent shows.

I did like the mysteries they wove about them but it was a shame we never saw them resolved (though obviously Kira knows what they look like since she stole one's clothes).
She did it twice as well! Though someone on another forum suggested she just stole some clothes from the Breen laundrette.

I've never heard that, but it says a lot about latter-day Roddenberry that I don't doubt it at all.
There's that story Ira Steven Behr tells about writing Captain's Holiday, where he went into meet Roddenberry and Gene just focused on Risa and how that should be represented with everyone naked and hugging and kissing in both heterosexual and gay couple in a great big planet wide orgy.

Behr comes out the office, sees Berman and repeats what he's just been told. Berman tells him "Ignore all that, just get Picard laid".

If I remember right, in-universe the jackets zip up the front using Magic Future Fasteners and we're just supposed to pretend the zippers aren't there.
That does make how notable that seem up the back is a bit of a design flaw then.

Originally Posted by Tetsuro View Post
I know this should probably go to the toy forum, but why the hell hasn't there been a Voyager toy with pivoting nacelles since the Playmates one? You'd think Diamond Select or even Hot Wheels had tackled that one.
Just buy a toilet seat and stick some wings onto it.
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