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As far as I can see, smartphones are still the kiddy option for anyone that wants at least a week of usage out of a phone or MP3 player without thinking about charging (or at least a month out of a reading device). At least there've been some advances in rapid charging lately even if capacity by volume is still piss poor.

It's a worthy enough gimmick on Soundwave, but I'd actually forgotten about it at the point I clicked buy-it-now. Vaguely on topic, Reprolabels have just arrived so he'll hopefully look smarter in a bit.

Also got the missile kit for Doubledealer, and have ordered a second Blades for the Wreckers-Survivors-Firestormers collective... will probably get a CW Hound when they're out, never been particularly big on the character and if it's going to get customised at all there's little point in going for Gundog. Can't decide if Max BB or Wolfang will work best for Carnivac.

Originally Posted by Thunderwav
leave off in the middle of a file
Yeah, it is amazing how few MP3 players provide in-file resume as standard.

Originally Posted by Clay
the "I want to hold my ENTIRE music collection on ONE device" target
And despite 256Gb flash drives now being quite common (and SSD being incredibly so) portable devices seem to have given up. Can't say I've been looking over the last few years, though, as a Clip+ with Rockbox basically does everything.
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