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He's... yeah. Not amazing. Let's go with that. The wing mirrors don't clip into place properly, the wings are quite intrusive in car mode, you can see his robot head through the windows, etc etc.

He feels really light and cheap and flimsy. He's not as bad as I expected post-Cliffy, but he's definitely "stick in the back of the display" calibre.

Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
The backpack just doesn't mount well at all, just being a hollow box hanging off his back like something from Classics or some other percentage line.
It does clip on, sort of. The tab inside the wheel arches clips into the gap in the hinge on the folded-in doors. You've got to force it a bit to get it across the threshold, and it doesn't really sit brilliantly, but it does hold the backpack in place. I can take a pic if needed to show what you should be aiming for.

Of course it then creates the situation where the backpack seems mounted really high behind his head, but we're into damage limitation here.

EDIT: Oh, and the detail lines on his face make him look like he's crying like a chibi in a substandard anime.
God yes. Plus the black lines around the Autobot symbol on his chest. And those feet are shit. It's not a massive gap, but there's daylight coming through his ankles, which considering it's currently night time is quite the achievement.

It's a mercy that it's only Tracks. Imagine if this were a character anybody actually gave a shit about.
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