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Kre-O Battlechanger Starscream Now I'm only missing Ratchet/Soundwave and the triple changers.

RiD Custom Kreon Bumblebee I saw two and bought them both. It's the new torso design, so not all the parts will interchange freely with my other sets. But, the head with a facemask tampograph should come in handy. One for the original kreon, one for Clench.

Kre-O AoE Lockdown Air Raid This is probably the most redundant Kre-O set I've bought (other than actual duplicates). I already have the custom kreons of AoE Hound and Lockdown, and the dinosaur is pretty similar to the one that came with the Galvatron Factory Battle set.

Lockdown's ship is interesting, in that the wings fold down to form a sort of tower when it lands, so the grabber thing underneath can still be used. The grabber has a magnet which can grab the magnets attached to the kreon backpacks, but it's not really necessary, since it's a grabber with fingers that can hold a kreon.

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