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It does clip on, sort of. The tab inside the wheel arches clips into the gap in the hinge on the folded-in doors. You've got to force it a bit to get it across the threshold, and it doesn't really sit brilliantly, but it does hold the backpack in place. I can take a pic if needed to show what you should be aiming for.
Ahhh, bad phrasing on my part. Yeh, I got that, it just looks so clumsy and far up I was half-hoping I'd missed something dumb.

It's a mercy that it's only Tracks. Imagine if this were a character anybody actually gave a shit about.
This is basically my attitude. Even done perfectly he'd be a line-up filler for me, and while it is annoying and a little bit worrying how many basic design fails there are on him he's probably the guy from the cars I care the least about; rather him than Hound or Inferno or Skids.
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