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I loves my my Blue Bluestreak, too. Need to actually write that review soon...

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
There's a something ironic about this being the guy who comes with the toy missile launchers when Bluestreak's character model is the basis for the ones built into the toy, making the extras a bit redundant feeling.
Nah, he's supposed to be a toy homage so it makes perfect sense. They'd absolutely be out of place on the show-accurate version of the character, but I'd have been disappointed if a Diaclone homage hadn't come with them.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
At some point I'd forgotten about folding the headlights under the hood on Prowl, so it was nice this reminded me (though it makes almost no difference to the height of the head, so presumably it's just to make the robot closer to the animation look?).
Assuming you're talking about the side mirror bits like RnR is guessing, I think they fold out of the way mainly to give the arms a bit more freedom of movement.
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