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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
He's actually not, though! They replaced some of the toon-accurate Bluestreak parts with Prowl's (the head and the crotch) to make him look more like the toy, so they were definitely aiming for the toy over the cartoon in this case. The launchers are just another part of that, since they're another detail that makes him look more like the toy and less like the cartoon character.

It's mostly subtle differences, yes, but I like that they went the extra mile to ensure that all of the five Datsuns they've put out are at least a bit different from each other instead of doing straight repaints.
Aw, I hadn't really compared him that closely to my Prowl and am now mildly sad I didn't go for one of the versions with the more distinctive body.

Though if he's basically Prowl's animation model in blue that makes the toy missiles even more incongruous!
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