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Default Untold Marvels - "Left Behind"

The Untold Marvels series presents Quickswitch in Left Behind.

Set during the G1 Marvel US Headmasters miniseries, this story focuses on one of the toys that were "forgotten" by Bob Budiansky and Frank Springer.
Quickswitch was never seen in the G1 Marvel US stories, but he was quickly featured in G1 Marvel UK #240, "Out to Lunch!"-- and that's why our one-pager bears the numbering #145.1.
Also featuring Quintessa, Junk, Chaar, Gorlam Prime and Nebulos, this episode is a tribute to the greatest locations of the G1 saga, as its creators envisioned them through the decades!

Lineart and story by Joe Teanby.
Colors by Esther Pimentel.
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