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I actually really like the soundtrack, and was absolutely thrilled when I managed to find the CD in the Virgin Megastore in Norwich in my first year of Uni (1997). As a kid I wore out the VHS of the movie, loved all the music on it, and so finding the CD was actually like getting my hands on a holy grail item.

To be fair, 80s synth rock is totally my genre anyway - indeed some of my favourite current bands are those who deliberately try to recapture that sort of sound, like Houston, H.E.A.T and Reckless Love, so I was always going to embrace this music anyway.

What I would say though, is that while I like the music on CD, I do think it's really, really overbearing in the film itself. Transformers is a film of wonders, of visuals, of moments, and some of the music really undercuts that and changes the mood of the entire thing. Ironhide's death should have been a major 'oh my god' moment, instead it seems more like a wacky music video as someone screams "whooah-ooooohhhh" over the top of it.

The bits that work best in the film are 'Dare to be Stupid' (a ludicrous song that's perfectly suited to "Me Grimlock not kisser! Me King", The Death of Optimus Prime (probably the only time that DiCola dials it down a bit), and Unicron's Theme, which is a delightfully dark and doomy funeral march.

I've seen the film so many times that the visuals and sounds are totally ingrained in my head, but I do wonder if the movie would play better with a more traditional orchestra soundtrack.
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