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Underworld's 'dubnobasswithmyheadman' album is my electronic album of choice for that kind of experience. Also really good to listen to when you're a state after a night on the tizer.

As for vinyl, I own some mainly through picking it up cheap second hand. A lot of singles on 7" were only a 1 new, which made it an easy way to check out new bands. Disadvantage is mainly in the space the stuff takes up, and its why I got rid of 80% of my collection.

Before the CiN spoilt singles for everyone in 1998, I loved all the fun stuff that was done with vinyl singles - different colours, die-cut sleeves, different materials used etc, a lot of this stuff was just glorious and CD sized reproductions didn't do it justice.

Pour example:

and :

Sound quality-wise, the heavyweight vinyl is the better stuff. Electronic stuff sounds better to my ears on digital formats too, and if you're listening to vinyl, its much more something you have to pay attention to, I guess, as you have to be there flipping the thing over when the A-side ends (always found stereos that could play both sides gave variable sound quality when playing the b-side).

Not so hot on vinyl these days, mainly for space and because suddenly retailers of cottoned onto to it being 'fashionable', and now we're showered with 25 (!) vinyl releases, which is just the sort of nonsense that got the industry into problems in the first place.
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