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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
just about as durable as most CDs mark really easily. It's that simple.
Eh, in twenty years and buying second-hand CDs in volume, I've run into the problem in low double digits.

Work in a player, not necessarily, but given reasonable optical drives it takes a bit of effort to destroy the things to the point they can't be read and as high a quality as was originally put on them obtained. There are some dodgy ones with manufacturing defects (both early and newer) plus some crap with breaking the book standards from some publishers, mostly historical, but even uncased CD-Rs kept in the car last pretty well. It's a durable format even when dye-based, and the reproduction costs for copies to handle for those that want their music to spin are negligible. The same goes for DVDs -- easy to copy and therefore ideal for kids. You can even buff out a certain amount of damage.

Differing dynamic ranges can be debated, but on the topic of physical wear and tear not many people are using laser turntables.

Originally Posted by Skyquake
It cost me 16
The 90s were a dark era, definitely. Nirvana albums going for 20 and up in some places and CD writers only just starting to hit the market.

There was some fun stuff with CD packaging and gimmicks as well. The Wildhearts did a lot of it -- printed images in the same colour as the case, lenticular, fake money, textured sleeves, grass mat for you to water, one of the promos had a miniature pump...
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