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Oh yeah, forgot about the buffing option. That's saved a few discs for me, but the more densely the information is packed onto a disc, the more susceptible it becomes to read errors. I think I remember someone in the film thread in GD mentioning how easy it is to ruin a Blu-Ray with a scratch where the same film on DVD would play just fine.

Do you think that's true of any storage medium? The higher the density, the higher the failure rate? I was talking to a guy today about vinyl, cassettes, CD and hard drives. His NAS drives fail more than anything else because they're quite dense and are spinning 24 hours a day, so I guess they just wear out.

Makes me think how advertising spiel would make you believe mechanical hard drives are awful compared to SSD's, but I was using computers 25-30+ years old (with original HDD's) over the weekend and they were running fine.

But back on topic; the price of a new Vinyl album where I live tends to be around 20-25 unless its extremely limited like this TF:TM release.
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