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Mmmm... my recall from highly limited interaction with any aspect of fandom outside of here is that the past couple of years have been "Wow! If they're revealing THIS at such and such, what are they gonna wheel out at BotCon?!?", followed by a tumbleweed.

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Yes, but I never bought any Fun Publications stuff because they were usually overpriced crap, going all the way back to before third party figures were a thing.
Mmm, got to say for me the Convention toys have largely always been the crap 3P/unconvincing Generations repaints of their day. Of the top of my head only the Classic Seekers (a colossal misreading of the market by Hasbro, who learnt quickly) were ones I'd have been interested in at retail, let alone their prices. Oh, and the Punch was alright.

3P's probably been the killer blow but Claverations has probably played its' part - now the only way to get a modern, posable Ratchet or Springer isn't to pay over the odds for some terrible Energon redeco.

TBH Botcon always seemed to be a bit of a clique thing with most of the hype coming from it being the annual highlight for a certain section of the American fandom's old guard... few non-attendees seem to take the fiction or the figures particularly seriously.
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