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I do like the Mayhem toys, but Spinister or not a Combiner Wars figure isn't worth four times retail or whatever silly markup the club is going to charge. If their price structure was more reasonable and they didn't force you to buy a club membership just to have access to the stuff, they probably would have sold a lot more figures. I mean, Mattel's club-store exclusive DC figures could be had for between 25% and 50% above the cost of a retail figure back when that was still a thing. FunPub's 300%-400% markup is just ridiculous considering they're only flogging redecos with new heads.

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Pfff, you're just mad that Battletrap's as good a use of the Springer mould as Sandstorm.
Oh, hush.

Battletrap actually could have been cool if they'd given him a decent deco, but anything more than "exactly like G1!" seemed to be beyond them. I'm honestly surprised we never got Blitzwing as Flywheels from them, though. That would have been a lot harder to screw up, even if the mold in question is no good.

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Won't be missed by the bulk of fandom. Do wonder what's replacing it; some fully Hasbro-ran official convention (bring things in house seems very much the way forward... I do think when IDW drop or lose the licence whenever that won't be out for pimping again)? Or are they satisfied with the exposure from multi-brand Comicons and the like?
I've heard rumours of Hasbro taking it in-house, though I'm not sure there's really much point. SDCC and NY Toy Fair seem to have taken over the "new toy reveals" role, and honestly I think TFCon has already surpassed BotCon in terms of a fandom event due to the heavy third-party presence. It'd be really hard for a new official convention to catch up to them without the decades worth of momentum that BotCon had behind it.

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The real concern here is how will that guy from shortpacked get his fanwanky schlock into an official channel now? And what will become of the wiki without new adventures in the wings and shattered glass universes to add to vintage character pages?

But yeah, the Wiki crew will probably miss FunPub more than anyone else. Not only did it provide them with tons of obscure stuff to add to articles, but I'm pretty sure Walky wasn't the only one in their clique getting a paycheque from it.

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Mmm, got to say for me the Convention toys have largely always been the crap 3P/unconvincing Generations repaints of their day. Of the top of my head only the Classic Seekers (a colossal misreading of the market by Hasbro, who learnt quickly) were ones I'd have been interested in at retail, let alone their prices. Oh, and the Punch was alright.
I thought the early, BW-based stuff was pretty cool, but that might just be my personal bias talking. Certainly, I like it more than the of direct G1 homages and/or Evil Alternate Universe silliness that dominated the last decade-plus.
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