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Default ROBOTECH: The horror of Minmay

So not too long ago, I found the complete set of Robotech(I think it's basically a 25th Anniversary set, just not branded as such), and as I'm on vacation this week, I figured I'd binge-watch it.

Or, as we used to call it in the old days, Death by Robotech.

It isn't quite what I was expecting.

I had thought, when I got it, that it was a rerelease of the ADV remastered edition, and Harmony Gold just threw together a big making of documentary(I still like that Steve Kramer, one of the script editors/voice actors, refers to Robotech as, 'that time Carl Macek tried to kill me'. Given the hours they pulled, it's surprisingly accurate). It's not.

It might be better to refer to it as the Harmony Gold Remastered Edition. For good or ill. Apparently, what they did, at least for The Macross Saga, is put all of Super Dimentional Fortress Macross back in. The vocal and music tracks are Robotech, but they've redone the sound effects. The gun pods have gone from sounding like miniguns to sounding like machine guns. And Fokker has a poster of a topless girl in his quarters. Not surprising, but it's the little edits you don't realize were done that kind of get you.

And if anybody's wondering, every time Minmay sings, I have to fight down the urge to stab myself in the ears to make the pain stop. Although after watching the documentary, it's not Reba West's fault.

Oh, sweet Primus, why did they put the bloody commercial bumpers back in? It's endearing on Transformers, but very annoying here.

I'm wondering how they handled Southern Cross. They mentioned in the documentary that when it aired in Japan, Southern Cross bombed badly enough in the ratings that they pulled it before they finished it.

I guess I'll find out when I get to it.

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