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Robotech: The First War (aka Macross) is the best the series gets too. While Minmay's singing won't win any awards she does an OK job IMHO. I can tolerate it namely because she doesn't really sing all that much. The Rick/Lisa/Minmay love triangle gets kind of silly at times and Rick does act like a complete and total dumbass towards Lisa but the resolution works mostly. The rest of the major characters are surprising well written and the deaths of Roy and Ben in back-to-back episodes was shocking back in the day. The animation is good for the most part. Although IMHO the dogfight at the end of Macross Plus is the greatest dogfight in animation or live action.

Robotech: The Second War (aka The Masters or Southern Cross) is the weakest part some of this due to the lead character Dana Sterling is all over the map as a character, she acts times like a spoiled brat, other times she acts like a lovesick schoolgirl, a hardass leader, and so on. Her second in command Bowie Grant is equally stupid. The hover tanks are cool design but the rest of mecha are stupid looking. Part of the problem is that the original Japanese show took place on a different planet with 2 moons or suns (I don't remember which). The rest of cast is pretty forgettable.

Robotech: The Third War (aka The New Generation or Mospedia) is actually pretty good once it's get going. The Earth is conquered by the aliens a group of space born Robotech defenders have come to liberate but the aliens blow them up except for one man Scott Berard who has never stepped on Earth and must build a force to pave the way for a full scale war with a Human armada armed with new tech form the Shadows. Along the way Scott falls in love with Invid spy who looks like his dead girlfriend. Lancer/Yellow Dancer is a pretty daring for it's time but seems dated now of days. The mecha are a major improvement over the second war but the jets aren't as cool from the first war.

Robotech II: The Sentinels was originally to be an new series explaining what happened to Rick Hunter and the crew of the SDF-3 sadly a series of events happened and only a few episodes got made and they were complied into a movie with footage from the show with some new dialogue added. Basically Rick and Lisa get married, and the Invid invade and destroy the homeworld of the Robotech Masters where only the old and sick and those who couldn't make the trip to Earth are at, while the rest of the Masters were on their way to Earth. It is one of those you wish that would have gone to series and/or was finished properly in animation.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles is a recent movie that picks up where the 3rd War ends showing the final battle between the RDF and the Invid from a new POV and we meet new characters and a cameo of Rick Hunter and we learn what happened to him the movie ends where the RDF learns that the aliens that gave them their Shadow tech are actually out to destroy all races that use Protoculture (the fuel for all the various mecha) for reasons of their own. Some great character animation but the CGI ship and mecha don't work very well and the stupid reveal that the SDF-3 is still out there and a new crew must find it because it has the last Protoculture generator in the universe and they need it to make fuel comes out of no where and is there to set up a sequel. They make a big deal out of Mark Hamill being a new human hero character too bad he gets killed off in the final battle with the Invid and does one of the voices the aliens who gets blown up at the end. Chase Masterson from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine gets a better part and she sings some of the old Minmay and/or Lancer songs and does pretty well with it.

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