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As I'm now into Southern Cross, or Robotech: The Masters as they call it, I can say that they do seem to have gotten the original footage back in(either that, or Standards and Practicies didn't give a rip about syndicated kids shows back in the '80s. I've seen so many nude shots of Dana Sterling, what should be a fun surprise is just m'eh. Grief, woman, leave your shower cubicle alone for a couple of episodes! The creepy part is the character in Southern Cross is only 17), but it also looks like they left the episode "Dana's Story" intact.

The main reason Dana's personality seems to be all over the place is because they stuck to the character from Southern Cross, although from what I've read, the Army of the Southern Cross(or whatever they're called in the original) would much rather be rid of her.

I will say this for The Second Generation, it moves along at a good clip. They were doing their best with what they had available. Southern Cross was the third of the Super Dimension trilogy after Macross and Orguss, and the least popular. I've tried watching the original Southern Cross, and I think Robotech made it far more interesting.

Still a bit of a slog, though.

As for why Minmay's singing causes me pain? There's actually two reasons. One, it feels like every time the show goes "And now, here's a new song from Lynn Minmay!", it seems like it's always bloody


I know she sings more songs. I really do. But Grud on a BIKE, her song library is awfully small. Just to prove I'm a masochist, I've got the Perfect Collection soundtrack and am planning on buying the bundled 25th and 30th Anniversary soundtracks(a whole extra soundtrack for a penny more? Why not?).

Which brings us to the second reason. And one of the Second Generation episodes really drove it home. With the exception of Michael Bradley, who sang all of Yellow Dancer's songs, whoever was doing the locating of singing talent must have been the genius who put the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation's android glee club together. While I don't think Reba West and Ken Hayes are a complete flat fifth out of tune, they are a little flat. Well, okay, in Ken Hayes' case, if his goal was to sound like a bad '70s lounge singer, he pulls it off beautifully. In Minmay's case, it sounds like the intent was for, say, a second soprano instead of a first alto.

But I'll cut her a lot of slack. Trying to belt out the greatest hits of Minmay at 2 in the morning after regular stage performances because Harmony Gold wasn't set up with the voice actors union proves she's a trooper.

Her duet with Sunny Hilden for Sentinels, though, is great.

Speaking to that, I wonder how long it took the union to figure out who was doing what. I think(don't hold me to this), if the voice actor wasn't in the union, they used their real names. But the voices we all recognize, say a certain dual katana wielding turtle of the teenage mutant ninja variety for example, definately used pseudonyms. I wonder if the union ever fined them.......

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