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Originally Posted by Heinrad View Post
So the show has hit an interesting hiccup. Louie's just developed the "pupil-pistol" targeting system, which was, according to the dialogue, intended to help with training recruits, and yet when military R&D gets ahold of it and incorporates it into the hover tank targeting systems(and presumably all available mecha targeting systems), Louie goes off the deep end and Dana gets all incensed over it because this training tool is a weapon of murder.

Now, part of me is wondering why the complaint is being made. Using a sure fire hit system to train recruits isn't going to work, because the recruits will wind up depending on it too much through training. Not only that, but if the concern is that clone lives matter, then why develop the bloody thing in the first place? Or be surprised when it gets co-opted for frontline use?

Never mind being so torn up over the whole thing that Louie's willing to torch his Hovertank when he discovers it. And a few hours later, Louie's back to his old self.

If we actually look at what's going on in the animation, the whole mess starts in a video arcade, with Dana making a bet with Louie as to whether or not he can beat her high score. Louie hops in the pod and almost immediately dies in the game. He then builds his "pupil-pistol" and both he and Dana, after spending several hours modifying the machine to work with it, have lots of fun blasting the enemies in the game. A couple of guys start talking to them, asking if they can examine what they did, and the inevitable shock-horror of taking what's meant to be a toy and modifying it for war.

I think what's most glaring here, at least to me, is the fact that they're both so surprised this happened, in either version, and they both get over it so fast. Yes, it drives home the unintended consequences bit, but I don't know about Southern Cross, but from the looks of things, in Robotech, it's only the 15th ATAC, and even then only a few members of it, that are concerned with not killing the clones.

Actually, it's a bit worse for Southern Cross, because the Bioroid pilots are actually captured and brainwashed humans from what I've read, but again, only Bowie, Jeanette(Dana), and Louie seem to care.

I don't know. All I do know is that Masters just doesn't flow well. It goes by quick, but if you think about it, it makes your head hurt.
Masters is the weakest chapter in the Robotech saga because Southern Cross wasn't a good series to begin with. The New Generation has a slow start but once the team is gathered it feels more like it's in the same universe as Macross than Masters/Southern Cross ever did.

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