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I think what's most glaring here for me is the fact that in the books(which I read a lot more than I watched the show), Daley and Luceno managed to have Second Generation actually make sense. It still wasn't great by any stretch, but everything flowed and at least made some kind of sense.

I think I do now understand something Harmony Gold did a few years ago. The only things in Robotech that are now canon is the TV series, and Shadow Chronicles. Everything else is Expanded Universe. Pity. Return to Macross was a good comic. Having to tie everything in would just get confusing, really fast. And it allows them to actually(if they get the funding and somebody with the vision) expand the series with more TV shows.

Not too likely to happen at this point, sadly. Although trying to fit Macross 7 in might be fun. People liked Max and Miriya. Or Macross Frontier. Maybe do a deal with Cartoon Network?

Ah, well. One more disc and then I'm into Third Generation. Things will become normal for all.... Except for Rand. Poor bastard.

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