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I think what's most glaring here for me is the fact that in the books(which I read a lot more than I watched the show), Daley and Luceno managed to have Second Generation actually make sense. It still wasn't great by any stretch, but everything flowed and at least made some kind of sense.

I think I do now understand something Harmony Gold did a few years ago. The only things in Robotech that are now canon is the TV series, and Shadow Chronicles. Everything else is Expanded Universe. Pity. Return to Macross was a good comic. Having to tie everything in would just get confusing, really fast. And it allows them to actually(if they get the funding and somebody with the vision) expand the series with more TV shows.

Not too likely to happen at this point, sadly. Although trying to fit Macross 7 in might be fun. People liked Max and Miriya. Or Macross Frontier. Maybe do a deal with Cartoon Network?

Ah, well. One more disc and then I'm into Third Generation. Things will become normal for all.... Except for Rand. Poor bastard.
I wouldn't count on seeing any of the other Macross shows, OVAs, movies ever make it into Robotech because what I've read Big West Productions, the company that holds the rights to Macross in Japan really don't like HG and/or vice versa. Some of it stems from a legal dispute over the rights with the animation studio who did the original Macross series, the studio thought they owned the rights and they signed the deal with HG and after BW was awarded ownership of the brand they didn't like how HG got the rights and reworked the series into a completely another series. Some have also speculated that some of this might have been prevented if HG had just acknowledged they got the rights from the wrong company. Either way IMHO both companies have acted like big babies and lost more than gained and it was fans that really lost. It got real petty when BW wanted to release some toys from Macross Plus in the States and HG got an injunction to stop them due to the logo looking to much like their logo or something. HG has also been reported has stopped any other companies from releasing the various other Macross series on DVD after Macross II: The Movie and Macross Plus OVA and Movie were hits for the now defunct Manga Video. Big West has also been reported making it hard HG to go to any of the major Japanese animation companies to get new Robotech animation made. The director of Shadow Chronicles reportedly wanted to adapt the Macross Zero OVA into the Robotech series but both companies said no.

Harmony Gold also has not been very good and/or lucky at lineceing Robotech either. As a comic book it's jumped to so many small independent publishers that when DC/Wildstorm picked it up trying to collect all of it was next to impossible. I will say that the 5 part Robotech: Prelude to The Shadow Chronicles mini-series was very good and IMHO better than the movie in some respects due to it focusing on Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, and the crew of the SDF-3 battling a renegade RDF officer and tieing up a lot of the lose ends from Sentinals the scene where Rick learns learns that Lisa lost their baby in the attack is one of the most heart-breaking scenes I've seen in comics. Outside of a recent Robotech/Voltron crossover (that some said was pretty awful) mini-series from Dynamite there hasn't been a Robotech comic since the PttSC. They finally get Carl Macek to come back and he dies a few months later. They get 2 decent video games made on the first Xbox and PS2 and haven't bothered to even try get a new one made. The Robotech website got hacked and is rebooted as one most generic and bland sites and what really sucks is that moved their online community to sludge pits known as Facebook and Twitter. They have had a live action movie deal in development hell at Sony Pictures.

Other than the sales of the original Robotech series on DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, and their toy deal (which is really relies very heavily on the mecha to sustain it and is sold only at online stores and LCS) it's a miracle that HG is still in business.

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