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I know there was a big fight in the Japanese courts between Big West and Tatsunoko over international release rights, and part of the ensuing fallout over various enthusiastic pursuits of claim by Harmony Gold, that FASA lost the rights to all of the mech designs from the different series they'd taken them from(sucked for us Shadow Hawk, Phoenix Hawk, and Goliath users, not so much for the Ostroc, Ostol, and Ostscout users. Good grief, those were ugly.), so technically, all Harmony Gold now owns is Robotech.

I think what Harmony Gold was complaining about was the U.N. Spacy/RDF delta kite logo, which would be the only thing Robotech would have in common with Macross Plus. Well, that and the VF-1J that pops up in the paintball Hogan's Alley test range.

That could be another reason why they've made only what's been officially released as Robotech animation as main canon. It can't get taken away from them. The down side, of course, being that the most popular piece is Macross, and in terms of overall story, Macross is a closed loop to them. Unless they can find some kind of way to make a deal with anybody from Tatsunoko(although I think Big West won the lawsuit), they can only go on from New Generation, which seems to keep falling flat. They made Shadow Chronicles, but where's the rest?

I have heard that at one point, somebody did try to get Macross 7 brought over here. The big headache was getting the music rights sorted out, which lead to them giving up.

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