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Sadly I think a lot of it is Bay, TBH - something like Pain and Gain, where he had huge artistic control, still has a lot of the same problems. Thing is I'm not sure how much these things are problem for your average cinemagoer; there's a lot of feedback avaliable to studios now, who don't really listen to critics or even users on things like IMDB, but to the audience exit polls and the like.

Cinema has something of a captive audience and what all four TF films do manage is to finish pretty well, so I think a lot of people finish them blown away by Optimus shooting the **** out of whatever rather than still fuming about the human character who was big shit in the first ten minutes and then barely mentioned.

Plus from somewhere some ****ing idiot has decided that even summer action films have to be 2 1/2 hours long now, and that's an unnatural length for this sort of thing. This leads to the sort of stuff that 10, 20 years ago would be cut at the draft stage being left in. It's expected now that the first half-hour, hour of popcorn films will be slow and boring.

Also for Transformers, the money is not infinite (as said above, the fourth needed to bend to filming in Hong Kong to have a complete budget). Logically even something like the desert gathering in AoE costs a lot more and takes a lot more time (which is pretty crucial) than Iron Man zapping stuff. Which makes substantial human subplots and scenes with things like the prop cars a necessity, and the cube transformations were almost certainly the reason we had an army of clones rather than the same old Protoform skellingtons (transformations in general have largely receded in the films, with a few moneyshot ones and the bulk dealt with off-screen or from behind something).

To a certain extent I think Paramount are waiting for the bottom to fall out; they've made a lot of money on the franchise, much more than they expected to, so they're not going to up the budget much beyond inflation when each one might be the flop. At the same time four times now Bay's delivered them a film on time that's gone on to make a daft amount of money, and it's difficult to see why they'd want to change that if Bay's still willing.
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