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Originally Posted by Tetsuro View Post
Last I heard, the licensing deal for Macross 7 was completely bonkers - like whoever wants to distribute it outside Japan would also have to buy the entire discography of it's fictional band which, if I'm not hopefully remembering too far off, consists of 16 records. everything Cyberstrike already said. I understand Harmony Gold actually deals primarily in real estate business now which makes them a lot more money than Robotech does, but also allows them to go around suing people over it. They're practically just copyright trolls at this point.
That might have been one of the reasons why HG only did what 2 songs in the original Robotech series was the legal issues and hassles, not to mention all the various technical issues (writing the lyrics, studio rental, lip-syncing, etc).

I was watching Macross II: The Movie last night I did notice that all the songs are in Japanese (or in-movie alien language) except the last one and only the second half of it is in English.

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