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ODY-C's something I've been picking up in singles but haven't had the time to read yet. Enjoy Fraction's sci fi stuff while I'm a big fan of Ward's paintwork, so them doing a genderswapped space version of the Odyssey was always going to be a yes from me. Have been waiting for a time where I can sit down and actually soak it up properly (#1 opened with a massive fold-out section which made me go "yeah, I'll come back to this later").

Wytches is a nice little horrory thing.

Have been told good things about Kaptara (Chip Zdarsky's a lunatic). Enjoyed other Ales Kot books I've read, but no nothing about Wolf. Phonogram is compulsory.

A bit wacky to see Just the Tips in one of the other brackets, given that it's a small-size hardback that's basically collecting the letters pages and bonus content from Sex Criminals. But hey, whevs.
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