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Except for shuttle Blast-Off and "15 RACING", I've prefered the Hasbro designs so far. But I think Computron'll be the first Takara one I'll order.

Scattorshot - I like the new getalt chest/head on the Takara version. (T)

Afterburner - Seems to be a wash, but I can't be sure, yet. (tie)

Strafe - Air-Raid's alt mode is sleeker, which suits Strafe. But, I don't have the shuttle mold yet. If Hasbro releases shuttle Blast-off stateside, I'd prefer Hasbro Strafe. If not, I'd prefer Takara Strafe for variety. (depends)

Lightspeed - I prefer the Wheeljack/Lambo mold. The solid kneecap looks better than the other car's hollow kneecap, especially for Computron, who had a big chunk of car on his knee in G1. Plus, this mold works better with its HFG. (T)

Nosecone - My Brawl's waist doesn't flop around, so I like the mold better than most people do. But, I may not be so lucky again, and wouldn't want to return an entire gestalt for one limb. On the other hand, the Rook retool has a visible gap in leg mode, and looks like the hands are even less hidden than the Swindle/Hound version. I think I'd go Takara, just for the bigger drill. (T)

Hand/feet - I like the articulated fingers of the Hasbro version, but don't really care about ankle tilts. I'd rather be able to use the HFGs with the deluxe toys, and have Computron look similar to my other gestalts. (T)

Scrounge - I don't own Cosmos, and a UFO would be a unique alt-mode for me. There looks to be a minicon attached, too. I doubt I'd use them with Computron, but would like them. (H)

So, that's 4 reasons for the Takara version, one tie, one unknown. The only sure reason I'd like the hasbro one better doesn't even have to do with Computron.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
It's really strange to see such a difference between the two. But it kinda sucks for Technobot fans, honestly, because neither one is clearly better than the other and the "ultimate" Computron would be a Frankensteined mix of parts from both. Takara's got the better Nosecone (both in terms of mold and look), but Hasbro's got the new feet and hands. Plus Hasbro definitely used the better toys for their Lightspeed and Strafe, but Takara's are going to look more G1 even if they'll be less fun to mess with. And of course Hasbro's got Scrounge, and even though he's got nothing to do with the Technobots it's still a great toy done up in nice colours as a very popular obscure character.
Both versions have their up and down sides. If you can find somebody whose preference are opposite yours, you could buy one Hasbro, one Takara, and each get what you want. I doubt I'll be able to find anyone who wants Takara Strafe and the rest Hasbro, though.
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