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Originally Posted by numbat View Post
Is this something I need to do with my MP Hot Rod?

He came without any of the chrome wear others are reporting, but from what I'm catching wind of this may not last?

If so - any tips as how to protect the chrome folks?

(With my limited 'me' time the last couple of weekends spent trying to fix some of MP Megatron's problems, why not spend this weekend future-proofing MP Hot Rod...? )
From what I've read, it seems the chrome coat on Hot Rod (and Ironhide, as I recall) wasn't the best job. Seems like it's easy to scratch, scuff, or even just wear off from normal handling.

The usual suggestion is to apply a clear coat of something that would protect the chrome. A common cheap option I keep seeing is a particular brand of floor polish (varies by country, in the US it's a particular type of Pledge. Used to be called Future). It acrylic and is supposed to protect things well with 2-3 coats.
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