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I'd agree that the zero score is a little harsh. Judged against contemporary Transformers toys, he's no worse than the vast majority of the line. He's movement at the arms and head and that's your lot (technically, he does also have knees, but he can't support his weight if you try and put him in a walking pose). I would agree that the hose on the left arm does restrict movement an enormous amount, and whilst he's no Jetfire, he does at least have the sort of articulation a regular Autobot car has. He's definitely below average for the era, but a zero mark is overly harsh. I'd have him at a 3/10, myself.

I do generally agree that he's not the greatest toy, sadly. I had such high hopes when I managed to score a boxed figure, but he does have too many flaws to be worth the effort unless you've some attachment to the character. Which is pretty much why I'm looking forward to the Masterpiece version
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