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Reviews of figures are supposed to be as objective as possible, and each reviewer's preferences add a subjective hint of flavour.

The subjective part also has to do with when the review was written, and how immersed the reviewer is in other transformer toys or other toys period.

For instance, the same Binaltechs that got 9 and 10 out of 10 reviews 10 years ago would fare differently today, but for their era they were still amazing.

I suppose you could have two articulation scores, one for the contemporary era and one for today, or you could have one score and further flesh it out. Do note that [from pictures, I never owned a Shockwave] he appears to have 2 shoulder joints, elbow joints, maybe elbow swivel [can't really tell], legs moving back and forth and a head swivel. I believe that manages pretty much as many poses as many other G1 toys?

Also of note is that the review has 8 opening paragraphs [one of which is the bio, to be fair] but the actual figure review is very short in comparison.

You might want to flesh out the figure review a bit more; the alt mode section states that he is big, he uses batteries and his weak spots. That's all fine but what is he? What are his colours? How do those colours compliment each other, if at all? Is he painted? Moulded in plastic? Does the use of die-cast offset anything?

The same goes for the robot mode section. Unfortunately we are not a video review or a blog with 4-5 pictures of a large size intersected between paragraphs, so your words are the meat of our reviews.

I hope that this can offer some further insight or constructive feedback.

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