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Full list of exclusives are now revealed! Other than the Predacus box set we already knew about, we also get the following...

Airrazor from Takara's Deluxe Slipstream (limited to 750 pieces)
Transmetal 3 Megatron from RID Galvatron (850)
Tigatron from CW Breakdown [with the same beast head mould they are using for Ravage] (1200)
Unit-3 from CW Prowl [apparently an homage to a Happy meal toy or something] (1200)
Reflector 3-pack troop builder from CW legends Shockwave (1300)
The super-rare Golden Ticket figure is Flash Sentry, a clear version of one of the Reflector figures.
Terrorsaur from CW Air Raid.
Custom-class figure is the CW First Aid mould with a Ratchet head, that can be painted into various iterations of the Ratchet character (Marvel, Sunbow, G2, SG etc.)

Apparently the Tigatron and Unit-3 figures are intended to combine with the retail CW versions of Silverbolt, Prowl and Ironhide to form Magnaboss.

Also, according to the rumour mill, the Shockwave mould was always intended to get a Reflector retool, and FunPub took it over after a mass retail release never came to pass. By all accounts the three Reflectors will be able to combine into a camera mode, scaled for use with Devastator.
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