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Just finished 'Titanic: Minute by Minute' and it pains me greatly that Cameron wrote a ridiculous cross class relationship to be the narrative driving force of his movie while there were many more stories equally as tragic that he could have adapted for it. In fact if Cameron had just updated A Night To Remember, then it would have been the definitive movie.

As for the book, it starts at midnight on the night of the sinking and proceeds all the way until the ship hits the bottom of the Atlantic, piecing together inquiry transcripts, books, articles and almost every single quote given by the survivors and weaves it into an intelligble timeline. There's a point, I think when Lightoller finally launches his first lifeboat when the sheer enormity of what's actually happening sink in, and then it becomes a horror story.

If you've done any sort of studying on the subject, a lot of the material is going to be familiar but there are some things that even I didn't know about including the sole Japanese survivor who was sacked from his job, ridiculed in every single newspaper and had his name and picture associated with the dictionary definition of dishonourable all because he got in a lifeboat. Oh and the lookout who saw the iceberg when it was too late? Killed himself after being mocked about it for years

Thoroughly recommended

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