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Remember that lavender Seeker with a flamethrower who was in the first G1 episode for about 3 seconds? Here he is movie-style, flanked by Arcee and Rack'n'Ruin. Putting the chair behind R'n'R made the anvil easier to see against its own shadow.

Here's some MOCs. On the left is a fembot who'd turn into a twin-bladed helicopter like G1 Highbrow or Animated Megatron if I had the skill or patience to make mechs that actually transform. On the right is a pirate-bot inspired by me having an odd number of socket-tiles.

The guy in the middle would be a G1 Windcharger type muscle car mounted on monster truck wheels. He'd transform basically like CHUG sunstreaker, but with the arms forming the rigging underneath the car that elevates it above the oversized wheels.

These have nothing to do with TF. I got the idea for a centaur with different shades of blue from Steven Universe's Malachite.

The bot on the right was inspired by Futurama's Fatbot, done in red since that's what I had for shoulder bricks.

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