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This doesn't engage that last point, but why is it so important that new figures retain the same gimmick as the character had last time? Or, why are these guys so intrinsically attached to their sub-gimmick that changing it is baffling whereas hypothetical toys of scramble city characters that don't combine are just fine? To me it's the same as dismissing Powermaster Prime in 1988 because Optimus wasn't originally a powermaster. To me the idea of the characters is robust enough that headmastering, combining, or whatever in a particular toy doesn't really matter.

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Oh, there's nothing wrong with making Hot Rod or Scourge or Doublecross or whoever Headmasters. In a vacuum, in isolation, it's fine. I'll probably even buy a few of them because some of them look cool.

The reason it annoys me is that they're doing that while not making toys of half the traditional Headmasters. Just like Combiner Wars, Titans Return is probably only going to be around for a year or so. So we're only going to get a limited amount of waves, with a limited amount of figures. And I think a line that's meant to celebrate the Headmaster gimmick should feature characters that are actually Headmasters first and foremost. I completely understand why they'd want to have an Optimus, a Soundwave, a Galvatron or a Megatron on the shelves along with them, but I think it's silly to remake less-important guys like Doublecross or Getaway or Triggerhappy as Headmasters at the same time as traditional Headmasters like Nightbeat or Apeface or Squeezeplay or Horri-Bull get shoved into the "heads only" category and others (so far, at least) are ignored entirely.

There are only seventeen G1 Headmasters (eighteen if anyone cares about the -ations enough to remember that Sunstreaker was one), and it would have been cool to have new bodies for all of them done up in a modern style with compatible heads and accessories. We're evidently not going to see that, for reasons I don't quite understand, and that's a shame.
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