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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
The reason it annoys me is that they're doing that while not making toys of half the traditional Headmasters.
Yeah, but again, why is that gimmick so linked to that batch of characters? Is it the expectation that if they don't make the 1988 series of headmasters again with this bunch, they won't at all? Or that they'll remake those toys in a few years as pretenders or whatever throwback they're onto by then?

I mean they just made a Brainstorm headmaster a year or so ago, and now they're doing him again in a size class smaller to match all the others. It's not like they won't retread recently covered ground.

To me it's like saying that they were wasting a slot with the recent Rhinox because they already did Springer and Sandstorm and they should have made a new Broadside then to go with them.
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