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On the other hand, I don't think you lose anything essential to the character by making Getaway or Triggerhappy and ditching their partners, because their partners were essentially ignored even in the fiction that was meant to showcase them. Of course, that's strictly a matter of taste and I don't think someone would be wrong to be annoyed that the current toys aren't a Powermaster or Targetmaster respectively (or to not care about gimmicks at all, as the case may be).
I think I understand better now, even if I still disagree. I just don't personally see new Generations figures as completely overriding previous stuff; I see it as purely additive. As such, I'm just not concerned with details getting fudged or rearranged with new iterations of old characters if the new stuff looks nice in its own right. But if you're wanting new figures to adhere more closely to the old G1 designs, I can see that being defensible as probably 80% of Classics 2006-2016 stays reasonably close to the mark.

The perfect examples for me are Cyclonus and Scourge. Cyclonus (2008) stays very close to the original design and even sneaks in a nod to the way the Targetmasters connected in the Headmasters cartoon. In contrast, Scourge (2010) is way different from the original design and isn't a Targetmaster like Cyclonus, but I don't care because it's awesome. I suppose that's the metric I use most of the time: if the new figure homage is neat in its own way, I don't really mind if it strays wildly.

As for the timing being important for getting the Headmaster Juniors redone, I think that there's less need to do them all at once than the combiner guys. The big thing about Combiner Wars and needing everything to revolve around the concept for a year or so is that, by default, the line works by having all the figures be cross-compatible with one another. That idea needs many figures available all at the same time (the original line had what, four scramble city teams shipping at any one time for how many years?). With this Titan Wars thing, I don't see the ubiquity of the gimmick as being quite so critical. Sure, universal head swapping is neat, but the figures are at least self-contained. Inasmuch, I can see the 1988 Headmasters done later in a follow up line as much more plausible than the combining teams.

I still say they'll use whatever the third line ends up being called to do lots and lots beast combiners, though.

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It doesn't make the ones we're getting bad, it just makes me pine a bit for what might have been.
Too soon to pine. We got Betatron before two different Computrons, after all.

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