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Possibly because its dated quite badly, unfortunately. Whilst the '90s X-Men Cartoon is pretty awesome, boiling down 30 years of moping xenophobia allegoric comics into all the good bits, Spidey (along with the Marvel Action Hour stuff) suffers a bit from an aesthetic that's dated quite badly. It's also quite Hammy and silly.

Personally, I like the cheap and cheerful Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends. But then I heart Firestar.

Still get a kick out of Batman : The Animated Series (er, or at least Seasons 1 & 2 that got released over here), which stands up remarkably well and doesn't feel old in the same way a lot of other cartoon shows. Timeless, that's the word. And it gave us Harley Quinn, so hooray for that

As for He-Man, it did get the New Adventures series which I remember being very good (although I haven't seen it since it was broadcast over here in the very early '90s) and the 200X series was decent, but crammed too much into its Third Series (possibly as cancellation loomed as the nostalgia boom of the early 2000s quickly died off).
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