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Hasbro have dabbled with moving TFs into multi-platform areas. The recent RID toyline features scannable faction symbols that unlocks stuff on the gaming app they made to support the TV show and toyline. Whilst its no Skylanders or Disney Infinity, its a start. Personally, I think I can see them moving towards this - Legends sized characters that plug into an online world would pretty awesome for Transformers.

I don't know that old-school electronics really cut the mustard these days and eat into a lot of the budget for toy development (hence the stuff in the Armada/Energon/Cybertron era being a bit basic in comparrison to the Beast era and the original RiD).

As for dragging the G1 characters into the twenty-first century, they kind have already have. Since 2001, we've had the same key character archetypes re-imagined for each successive line of Transformers, to keep the line fresh and relevant to children. Plus, there's the live action films which have cemented Transformers as a franchise with similar legs to things like Star Wars in the eyes of the public.

Adult collectors don't really hold the line back. This has been discussed before, and folks like us make up a tiny percentage of the overall sales of TF toys and so on. We're more vocal, and Hasbro and TakaraTomy through us a bone with lines like Generations and Masterpiece, but we're not the be all and end all as far as any influence over the brand and its longevity goes.
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