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Part of the thing with Turtles is that they've never really gone away. They've always gone through various updates, but kept to the core concept. Their popularity has perhaps levelled off somewhat, but they keep appealing to kids regularly enough.

After the original trilogy of films, it wasn't long after that Image started doing new comics and Saban did that pretty decent live action show for Fox Kids. From there, there's been various comic book series, one-off animated films and stuff. I think what probably saved them from the same fate as He-Man was not rolling out a nostalgia tinged reboot around the turn of the century when '80s Nostalgia properly kicked in. Things have gathered pace again since Nickelodeon's rather ace cartoon series kicked off and now we've got a new set of live action films which seem to be doing alright.

As for why He-Man and Thundercats haven't managed to keep to this pattern, I don't know. Not ninja enough? Probably the dominance of things like Harry Potter and Ben 10 in the world of magic and transformative power ups. I think as well that fantasy type stuff is a much tougher sell (look how those things like the Golden Compass and the Percy Jackson films have foundered on the rock of indifference) - especially to children these days. I've pondered given how popular Game Of Thrones and Vikings are whether some sort of live action show would work better for He-Man.
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