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Originally Posted by Sades View Post
(Haven't watched it yet due to toddler in my lap, but let's not make a habit of "extreme NSFW" anything on the board, please. Language is usually fine, but from the sounds of it that ^^^ might be pushing it. I know everyone (that I know of) is an adult, but at the end of the day this is still basically a board about kid's toys and you never know who is going to show up. Thanks. )
Would you rather I not post a NSFW warning for extreme content and let people who may not be familiar with guys like Jim Sterling, Bob Chipman, and others like them?

The Copyright Deadlock is actually pretty tame...for Sterling anyway.

Now if you really want NSFW check out "moviebob reviews: Pixels" that one is not funny but filled with rage. I'm not posting a link because it's extremely vulgar, but you can find it on the same channel with Really That Good shows that I posted earlier. BTW Really That Good which mostly are PG-13 they do feature mild cursing except the ones that are about R-rated movies (like Die Hard) of course.

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