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Finally reading one of the Poirot books I picked up cheap last year. I've seen the TV version of Death in the Clouds but can't recall who did it, and for the most part it's an enjoyable light fourth wall leaning (one of the characters is a mystery writer who complains to Poirot how he's given his detectives all these quirks he's obliged to keep up by the readers despite being bored of them) book.

Now, I know with Christie there are elements of racial attitudes that have dated badly (though there's an odd dichotomy between that and a general mockery of the British distrust of foreigners, in this book the jury at an inquest decide Poirot must have done it for being One Of Them), but there was a really distracting line in this one where two characters who are presented as likeable go out on a date together and bond over their likes and dislikes. To paraphrase (but pretty close):

"The discovered they both like smoked salmon, hated red nail varnish, liked Katherine Hepburn and both disliked Negroes".

Which is a real take you out the book moment and is actually worse than anything in And Then There Were None under it's original title would have been (it uses a now offensive word repeatedly but doesn't make judgement calls on black people).
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