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I have no interest in crossover stuff. I cant speak for the actual comics that Marvel o but the movies have worked because as said, they have been built that way. Everything has been done to link them up. This wouldnt be the case and while I know its all toy brands and a bit silly really, you cant have MASK and GI Joe and the Transformers in the same universe.

Mask would come across so low rent compared to GI Joe in terms of size and scale so why bother - You could just make up a mini-series about a small Joe Squad vs a small cobra squad and it would pretty much replicate MASK v Venom. As for Transformers, at the point Ex-Rid is at, GI Joes take would seem so low-fi not just to the Cybertronians but also to the current Human army. And this would all mean that GI Joe and Mask would have to acknowledge that aliens are real.

I've probably already given this more thought than Ryall would seem to.

I can only seeing this killing my interest in the books. At this point I'm already considering cancelling my orders for everything except MTMTE once sins ends and while that may seem unfair to Scott, fact is the windblade second series wasnt great and the thoughts of MORE starscream vs windblade doesnt fill me with any joy.

This could be where I get of the train. Ah well.
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