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Originally Posted by Patapsco View Post
Hmmm... a publisher that releases comics based on toys is given an order by the maker of toys to tie all of their toy comics together, and people are shocked?
Not shocked, just disappointed.

Look, being absolute honest here, I love MTMTE. Even with a dodgy issue its IMO the best TF comic by far ever. The last five years have been mostly great and I'd like to see it concluded to some degree in the manner Roberts intended. Its clearly very much a personal piece for him and while I wont discount that someone could do a better comic or could take the same characters and premise and make it better, my gut feeling is that when he calls it a day many of the MTMTE fans will go with him.

Ex-RID is very up and down and while I dont like the idea of crossovers, i reckon that book could handle it but I really would hate to see the lost light story have to divert for some crossover bullshit. And sure, its Hasbros stuff and they can do what they like with it but I kinda hoped we would get to the end of roberts tale before the big hand interfered in such an intrusive way.
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