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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
Hmmm...difference being those are big budget films that are aiming for popular appeal...

This really isn't the same.
Well, I dunno. Both Marvel Pictures and IDW comics are both there to make money, not high art. Would we have gotten GOTG at all if Iron Man et al. hadn't been money-spinners? Establish the Marvel name using franchises people actually care about, before launching Ant-Man and Deadpool which the average punter would barely have heard of (if at all). Not so different to IDW's plan, I'd say.

But what do I know? Other than GOTG (which I only saw because it had Rocket Raccoon in it), I gave up on the Marvel movies years ago (around the time of X-Men 3 and Rise of the Silver Surfer). My favourite Marvel film is the Ang Lee Hulk, which most everyone else seems to hate.
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