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Originally Posted by Ryan F View Post
But what do I know? Other than GOTG (which I only saw because it had Rocket Raccoon in it), I gave up on the Marvel movies years ago (around the time of X-Men 3 and Rise of the Silver Surfer). My favourite Marvel film is the Ang Lee Hulk, which most everyone else seems to hate.
Well for what it's worth X3 (2006) and FF2 (2007) are part of Fox's "we've got the rights and we're going to churn out whatever crap to keep them" sequence of movies, and predate/are entirely separate to the universe Marvel launched with Iron Man in 2008.

Ang Lee's Hulk was decent, if a bit long and self-indulgent.

Topic in danger of being sidetracked. Specific point being that Marvel themselves didn't actually start making movies until after the examples cited.

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