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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
Topic in danger of being sidetracked. Specific point being that Marvel themselves didn't actually start making movies until after the examples cited.
I cited Avengers, Iron Man, GOTG, Ant-Man and Deadpool to make the original point, all I did was offer up X3 and FF2 as examples of Marvel-related films I didn't really like...

Moving on...

As with nu-Ghostbusters, or nu-Top Gear, IDW have already made a lot of readers sceptical about the new stuff before it's even happened. Whether the fears are justified or not, they've undoubtedly lost some readers already just by making the announcement.

It puts extra pressure on the series to knock it out of the park, get the good reviews and claw some of the knee-jerkers back into the fold. There are people saying "That's it, I'm out" on TFW2005 already.

The crossover itself will be a bugger to write. Weaving a coherent story around a cast of hundreds, all vying for attention will be tricky. Also you've got to basically introduce ROM, T-Bob and so forth to readers ignorant of those other franchises. Establishing the disparate characters AND giving them all something to do AND giving it a decent plot would be a challenge for a lot of writers, not least given the pressure this book is under to succeed.
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