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Originally Posted by Sades View Post
Personally I would rather that you use some common sense when posting. As far as I can tell (haven't really been paying attention), you were doing fine before. Not really sure why it seems to be a puzzle now.
I was being sarcastic.

Jim Sterling isn't someone I plan on posting a lot of videos here because of his vulgarity. I thought this video was informative and funny. Now Bob Chipman his shows that used to do for the Escapist (Escape to the Movies and The Big Picture) is about as family friendly as you can get, but do his falling out with the Escapist (and mine as well to be honest for different reasons) and how they screwed him out of the rights to his own work I have little incentive to do so.

I will post videos of Really That Good and his new show In Bob We Trust on a case by case basis. His The Game Overthinker series probably not, not because of the foul language but the serial nature of the series that about half-way in and I don't feel like posting 50+ videos.

Most of what I subscribe to is progressive political shows and video games and nerd culture and TNA Wrestling and ROH Wrestling.

But here is a weird wrestling video


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